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Author: Lee Purcell

Memorable Villains in Fiction

The protagonist of any story comes into focus more clearly when pitted against a truly epic villain, one who personifies pure evil and proves a relentless foe. Contending with conflict, of course, is a driving force in any fiction, the avgas that feeds the engine, spins the propeller, and keeps the winged creature aloft and alive. This piece highlights a few of the most noteworthy villains ever to stain the pages (or the E-ink display) of a book. Judge Holden, known simply as the judge in Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian: Or the Evening Redness in the West, commits all...

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Exploring Book Trailer Opportunities

A large part of achieving success as an ebook author is discovery. Getting noticed amidst the huge volumes of authors and ebook titles might seem as though you’re walking around the streets of Shanghai wearing a sandwich board, marching by an oblivious crowd. There are smart things you can do as an author to raise your visibility and some are even free. Keywords, for example, are an under-utilized tool for finding readers (as Beth Bacon explains in this Digital Bookworld article). Or, you can take more proactive steps to make an immediate impression and spark interest in your target audience. Book...

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Narrated Version of E. M. Forster’s “The Machine Stops”

The Machine Stops, written by E. M. Forster and narrated by Richard Rieman, was likely the inspiration for the movie epic from George Lucas, THX 1138, which bears many similarities to the characters and plot. This science fiction short story is set in an underground world where a monolithic machine provides for all human needs. Forster’s story is prescient about a number of technologies that would not be available for the next several decades, including the Internet and instant messaging. Forster’s extensive body of work includes many noteworthy novels that have been made into movies, such as Howard’s End,...

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A Visit to the Theater of the Mind: An Interview with Richard Rieman

With a new book out, describing the ways in which indie authors can turn their works into audiobooks, and more than 30 audiobook narrations to his credit, Richard Rieman is enjoying this latest turn in his career. From a background in radio, he trained as a voice actor with notable coaches and professionals in the industry and then poured his energies into what he calls the theater of the mind. He shares his insights into a dramatically changing industry and offers advice for authors who want to venture into the audio realm. Relax and enjoy this interview, conducted through our sister...

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Unlocking Creativity: An Interview with Sarah Lipton

Creativity can be an elusive creature for writers and artists, and finding the best way to unbridle the imagination to craft creative works can sometimes feel impossibly hard. As an author and mentor in leadership skills, Sarah Lipton draws inspiration from nature and the beauty of Vermont, as well as her extensive travel experiences, work with Shambhala International, and journalistic endeavors. In this interview, Sarah talks about mindfulness, the career path that led to establishing her business, The Presence Point, and how creativity can be discovered within. This interview is cross-posted from our sister site, ePublish Yourself! [audio-clammr mp3=”″]  ...

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