In her travels, Joanna often visits sites that later appear in her novels.

As the author of six works of fiction and a number of self-help titles for authors, career changers, and others, Joanna Penn often finds inspiration for her thrillers during travels around the world. For example, the catacombs of Paris served to spark her imagination and, eventually, a scene from  this grisly visage made its way into a novel in her ARKANE series, Prophecy.

Joanna is extraordinarily open and gracious about sharing her hard-won knowledge about ebook creation, publishing, and marketing with fellow authors and her site, The Creative Penn, contains abundant  resources to guide authors new to the epublishing world along the path that has proven successful to her.

The following is a short segment from a recent hour-long interview with Joanna, conducted for sister site ePublish Yourself!, that offers some surprising news about the earnings of independent, epublished authors and the changes at play in the publishing world.

Joanna Penn interview